The Hair In The Shower Drain

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“I was rushing to take a shower this afternoon while my six-month-old was napping and before my four-year-old got home from preschool when I noticed it – a big ole’ clump of hair in the shower drain. It was a ball of long, dark brown hair so it was only mine to claim as I’m the only female in my house and none of my boys sport man buns. After my shower, I pulled it out and looked at it in horror at just how much was in the drain. A lot of hair.”

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I Pawn My Kids Off Whenever I Get The Chance

My first piece on Blunt Moms

““I never let anyone else watch my kids. I just don’t feel comfortable leaving them with anyone besides me or my husband,” says my irksome mom frenemy.

I just smile, grab my kid, and take him to the swings to get the hell away from her. I can’t handle her today. The other day she was griping about how she never gives her kids juice because one of them got a cavity before he entered kindergarten. Gasp! However, the idea that she never lets anyone besides her husband take care of her kids is drawing the line on any possibility of her and me actually becoming real friends.
I pawn my kids off whenever I get the chance.”

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Being A Big Sister Helped Prepare Me To Be A Mom

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“I’ll never forget the day my little brother was born. I was outside playing with my best friend from up the street in the playhouse my dad and grandpa had built for my older sister and I. We were playing some version of “mommy,” where we had stuck baby dolls up our shirts to pretend we were pregnant. I had been fascinated with my mom’s pregnancy for the entire time she had carried him. So, when my parents came out and knocked on the door of my playhouse and informed me my grandma was coming down to watch my sister and I so mom could go have the baby I was super excited!”

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To My Best Friend As You Prepare To Become A Mom

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“We don’t always get to catchup as much as we’d both like. We are both busy. You work full-time, and I’m a busy mom to two boys. Ever since you moved away after high school, we’ve only been in the presence of one another a handful of times. But, you are still my best friend. We’ve done a great job of staying relevant in each other’s lives. We’ve made the effort. When others have lost touch with their childhood best friends, we’ve made it through. We may not get to see each other very often, but our love for each other is still the same as it was when we were in grade school. You are my sister. You are a part of me. And now, I’m so excited to see you become a mom for the first time.”

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