Things Nobody Tells You About Having Miscarriage

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““She lost the baby.”
“She had a miscarriage.”
“The baby died.”
“I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat.”
These are all words no woman ever wants to hear. Simple phrases strung together that are every expectant parents’ worse nightmare. Nobody ever expects it to be them.
“That won’t happen to me.”
I thought that once myself. Until it happened to me – twice.”

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I Got Kicked Out Of An Online Moms Group

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“Being a mom is hard. It’s amazing, wonderful, and every other descriptive word you can imagine for “the best thing in the enter world.” But, it’s really, really hard too! After I became a first-time mom in 2013, I joined a few online moms groups to have a resource of other moms to reach out to for those moments when being a mom was just too hard. Of course, I had real-life mom friends including my own mom and older sister, but it was nice to have a community online that I could talk to at any time during the day and maybe to talk about some things I didn’t want to share with my real-life people.

My favorite group was this group I found on Facebook that had a funny name and a large following. Moms would post all kinds of questions and opinions. Some questions were general and popular in nature (breastfeeding, labor, etc.), but some were not the normal type of questions asked in other groups I was in. I remember one mom asked for advice on a situation with her baby daddy cheating on her while she was pregnant with their second child. She got a lot of great answers and suggestions from the group on the situation! Another mom griped about how cheap her daycare provider was in regards to not including meals in the cost of sending her child there. It was kind of funny because unbeknownst to her, her daycare provider was actually in the group and saw the post. I’m not sure how that situation panned out.”

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Let’s Talk About Male Postpartum Depression: Our Husbands Deserve The Discussion

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“It’s a real thing! WebMD estimates that “slightly more than 10% of new dads also become depressed before or after their baby’s birth.” PPD in women is not talked about all that much in this day and age, so it’s no surprise that most people have never heard of the male version.

Watching Adam Busby go through it on TV reminded me of my own husband after the births of both of our kids. He was easily frustrated, distant, and very pessimistic. My husband has never been like upbeat Ned Flanders (“The Simpsons”), he’s more of a cross between snarky, yet supportive Dan Connor from “Roseanne” and sturdy and strong Ned Stark from “Game of Thrones” in his overall persona and parenting style. So, for him to be withdrawn and dispirited was very unlike him.”

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5 Labels We Need To Stop Giving Women

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“We live in a culture of labels. Whether or not we like it we are all instantly judged on how we look, act, live, who we love, where we worship (or don’t), our jobs, where we live, how we parent, our health, and so on. You name it and someone has been judged because of it.

It’s really the way the world has always been. As far back as anyone can remember people have been judged. Although, some would say the world is a harsher place with labeling than perhaps it has ever been. The invention of social media has given people free rein to more or less do and say whatever they want. Some people completely lose their manners and rules of etiquette and kindness are often thrown right out the window online.”

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Parents Everywhere Are Not Surprised To Learn That They Only Get 48 Minutes Of Free Time Each Day

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“During my day as a stay at home mom, I get roughly an hour or two to myself if my kids decide to nap at the same time in the afternoon. I typically use this time to catch up on writing, housework or occasionally I’ll sit and watch some TV. So, on an average day, I get around two and a half hours of “personal time” each day – some days I get more and some days I get less.

That’s not much. So, it’s no surprise when I was watching the TODAY show this morning I was not shocked to hear the anchors talking about a study that says the average parent gets 48 minutes of time to themselves each day.

48 minutes!”

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