My Sons Are Just As Precious As Your Daughters

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““A daddy’s girl! Those boys better stay away!”

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen comments like this. And it certainly wasn’t the first time I rolled my eyes on the other side of the computer screen and thought to myself, “Why are daughters often considered more ‘precious’ than sons?”

I know, I know–you could say that I don’t have place for an argument here because I’m a mother of only boys. So, I guess I don’t get to comment on the dynamics of what it is like to have a daughter. But how are my sons any less precious than your daughters?”

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Veterans Day through the Eyes of a Veteran’s Wife

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“But what most Americans don’t think about is how life is for our nation’s vets and their families the other 363 days out of the year (because let’s not forget that most people think Memorial Day is a day to thank veterans who are still alive as well . . . but that’s a story for another day).
I am not one of these people. My finger is on the pulse of America’s veteran community. I am the wife of an Army veteran (who is now a Veteran’s Service Officer), the granddaughter of two WWII vets, a niece to a Vietnam vet, and a friend to many others who have served.”

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I Saw You Today, Frazzled Mama

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“I saw you today, mama. You had pulled into the neighbor’s driveway and were yelling at your kids to hurry up and get inside because you were already late for the party. I watched you as you scrambled out of the driver’s side door and grabbed the present from the trunk of your car. You were at my neighbor’s house for what appeared to be a birthday party of some sort. I watched you as you straightened your pants and ran your fingers through your hair like a comb. You looked flustered. Even from a distance, I could see it. You were scrambling. You were obviously late. As you walked up the steps behind your children, who were already ringing the doorbell, I saw it. You stiffened your back and put on a smile as my neighbor opened her door to greet you and your kids. Then you were gone into the confines of the house, probably smiling through some kind of secret pain or uncomfortableness that you couldn’t let show in this social setting.
You know what, mama? It’s ok.”

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7 Things You May Not Realize About Anxiety

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“There are so many illnesses that are not necessarily visible to the human eye. There are secret battles some of us fight day in and day out. Often times we face these illnesses by ourselves or with only a handful of loved ones by our side.
One of the most common psychiatric disorders around the world is anxiety disorder. It’s a debilitating, lonely, and frightening condition to live with. I know this because I am a lifelong sufferer. Anxiety disorder is often misunderstood and misrepresented in media and popular culture. Here are 7 things that you might not realize about having anxiety, from someone that lives with it every day”

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Loved Baby book review


I had the honor of participating in the launch team for Sarah Philpott’s new book, “Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child After Pregnancy Loss.” From the first page, this book touched a part of my heart that I had closed off since late 2015 – the part that I had “locked down” since I lost two of my own babies in April 2015 and November 2015.

The book features 31 chapters of stories, prayers, ideas, insights, and a “soul work” tips that the reader can use on their road of grieving and remembering their baby in Heaven. From chapters such as “Seeking Medical Answers” & “Words Do Hurt,” this book touched on a lot of subjects that severely affected me in my personal miscarriage experiences. It brought me some peace on my search to find answers as to why they happened and the hurtful words people use to describe my losses.

I wish would have had this book two years ago. It could have saved me a lot of pain. But, I’m glad that it made it’s way to me now. I am so happy to be a part of sending this out into the world. As part of my participation, I was given two copies of the book to giveaway. I gave the first copy to my local hospital, “The Foundation at CVPH” to give to a mom who has recently lost her baby or to pass around the local bereavement group. They were so happy to receive it and I was happy to give it to them too.

I would like to give the second copy away to another mom (or dad) in grief via my blog’s Facebook page. Whether you lost your sweet baby 37 years ago or yesterday, this book can help take some of the pain away. I’d like to ask those that think they could benefit from this book to please private message me either their name or the name of a friend/loved one that they’d like to see the book go to. I will collect all of the names and randomly choose a winner to send a copy to via USPS.

In honor of two babies that I lost – who I refer to as Bayley and Charlee – Bay was due on October 28th, 2015 and I got pregnant with Charlee around that time, I’d like to open the contest starting today and I will pick the winner on Saturday, October 28th – for my two sweet angels.

Please private message me with any questions or with your submissions. Please don’t feel that you have to tell me your full story – just a name (first/last) is acceptable. But, as a mom to two angel babies I am always receptive to hearing stories of other angels that have gone to Heaven too soon. ❤

Everyone else can pickup a copy of “Loved Baby” from the distributors listed below. ❤

~ Britt


Things Nobody Tells You About Having Miscarriage

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““She lost the baby.”
“She had a miscarriage.”
“The baby died.”
“I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat.”
These are all words no woman ever wants to hear. Simple phrases strung together that are every expectant parents’ worse nightmare. Nobody ever expects it to be them.
“That won’t happen to me.”
I thought that once myself. Until it happened to me – twice.”

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I Got Kicked Out Of An Online Moms Group

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“Being a mom is hard. It’s amazing, wonderful, and every other descriptive word you can imagine for “the best thing in the enter world.” But, it’s really, really hard too! After I became a first-time mom in 2013, I joined a few online moms groups to have a resource of other moms to reach out to for those moments when being a mom was just too hard. Of course, I had real-life mom friends including my own mom and older sister, but it was nice to have a community online that I could talk to at any time during the day and maybe to talk about some things I didn’t want to share with my real-life people.

My favorite group was this group I found on Facebook that had a funny name and a large following. Moms would post all kinds of questions and opinions. Some questions were general and popular in nature (breastfeeding, labor, etc.), but some were not the normal type of questions asked in other groups I was in. I remember one mom asked for advice on a situation with her baby daddy cheating on her while she was pregnant with their second child. She got a lot of great answers and suggestions from the group on the situation! Another mom griped about how cheap her daycare provider was in regards to not including meals in the cost of sending her child there. It was kind of funny because unbeknownst to her, her daycare provider was actually in the group and saw the post. I’m not sure how that situation panned out.”

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